Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Interesting Facts About JONGA !!!!

1. JONGA was Indian Army Himalayan Racing Team's most favorite vehicle for rallying,
as only modification needed was to have a 6-Point roll cage for protection.

2. RCL carrier JONGA used to glide easily through the deserts carrying the RCL gun,
its ammunition, 3 crew members & holding 20 liters of water in the specially
fabricated tank & still it used to give fuel efficiency of 4-6 KMPL from its
thirsty 3956cc In-Line 6-Cylinder Petrol engine.

3. Famous Congress leaders late Mr.Rajesh Pilot & late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi used to
drive around in a JONGA in mid 80's for their election related rallies.

4. Famous magician Mr. P.C.Sarkar's first ever vehicle which he owned is a JONGA
(Civilian Version) which he bought in 1997 & he still has it.

5. Some army JONGA's are equipped with a PTO mechanical winch (Power Take Off),
which are generally used by Indian Army in deserts & dense forests.