Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Interesting Facts About JONGA !!!!

1. JONGA was Indian Army Himalayan Racing Team's most favorite vehicle for rallying,
as only modification needed was to have a 6-Point roll cage for protection.

2. RCL carrier JONGA used to glide easily through the deserts carrying the RCL gun,
its ammunition, 3 crew members & holding 20 liters of water in the specially
fabricated tank & still it used to give fuel efficiency of 4-6 KMPL from its
thirsty 3956cc In-Line 6-Cylinder Petrol engine.

3. Famous Congress leaders late Mr.Rajesh Pilot & late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi used to
drive around in a JONGA in mid 80's for their election related rallies.

4. Famous magician Mr. P.C.Sarkar's first ever vehicle which he owned is a JONGA
(Civilian Version) which he bought in 1997 & he still has it.

5. Some army JONGA's are equipped with a PTO mechanical winch (Power Take Off),
which are generally used by Indian Army in deserts & dense forests.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Technical Specifications of JONGA

VFJ JONGA (Nissan Patrol G60)

Manufacturer - Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur (VFJ).

Engine - 3956cc, Inline 6-Cylinder Petrol Engine developing 110 bhp @ 3200 rpm.

Maximum Torque - 26.9 mkg @ 1200 rpm.

Air Cleaner - Oil Bath with Cyclonic Pre-Cleaner.

Clutch - Single Plate (Dry Friction Type, Diameter - 280 mm).

Gear Box - Synchromesh (3 Forward + 1 Reverse).

Transfer Case - 2 Speeds (Low & High).

Front Axle - Fully Floating (Driven with Birdfield Joints).

Rear Axle - Semi Floating (Tubular with Banjo Housing Differential).

Steering - Worm & Roller Type.

Brakes - Hydraulic Type.

Parking Brake - Contracting Type on Transmission.

Tyre Size - 7.00 x 16 x 6 Ply.

Gradeability - 30

Minimum Turning Radius - 10.6 mtrs.

Ground Clearance - 222 mm.

Payload Capacity - 250 kgs.

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History of "JONGA"

Jabalpur Ordanance aNd Gun-Carriage Assembly a.k.a. JONGA is actually a Nissan Patrol G60 (Soft Top) model, an early generation of Japanese Nissan Patrol (4x4) light vehicle, manufactured at Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur (VFJ) under the exclusive license from Nissan from 1965 only for Indian Army.
VFJ was sanctioned the license from Nissan Motor Corporation Ltd., Yokohama, Japan in 1965 for the production of 3 non-fighting vehicles; 3 tonner Shaktiman Truck, 1 tonner Nissan 4W73 & 2.5 tonner JONGA.
The actual production of JONGA started at VFJ in 1969 & according to VFJ figures, a total of 209,448 of these vehicles were produced. The production of JONGA stopped in 1999.
VFJ did sell sell around 100 JONGA's to civilians in 1996, which are powered by 3956 cc Leyland HINO diesel engines. these JONGA's are very different from Army versions, very different body looks i.e. Hard Top & accessories according to customer's needs.
But the JONGA is produced for one & one thing only i.e. power to pull on heights with a reasonable weight, & nearly 50 years later there are a handful of vehicles that can match its brute capability where the road ends.