Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Interesting Facts About JONGA !!!!

1. JONGA was Indian Army Himalayan Racing Team's most favorite vehicle for rallying,
as only modification needed was to have a 6-Point roll cage for protection.

2. RCL carrier JONGA used to glide easily through the deserts carrying the RCL gun,
its ammunition, 3 crew members & holding 20 liters of water in the specially
fabricated tank & still it used to give fuel efficiency of 4-6 KMPL from its
thirsty 3956cc In-Line 6-Cylinder Petrol engine.

3. Famous Congress leaders late Mr.Rajesh Pilot & late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi used to
drive around in a JONGA in mid 80's for their election related rallies.

4. Famous magician Mr. P.C.Sarkar's first ever vehicle which he owned is a JONGA
(Civilian Version) which he bought in 1997 & he still has it.

5. Some army JONGA's are equipped with a PTO mechanical winch (Power Take Off),
which are generally used by Indian Army in deserts & dense forests.

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Rajdeep said...

Hrishikesh, I have an ex-army Jonga in stock condition. One of the last to be made (97 BA number). Am yet to restore it. Nice seeing someone else who loves the Jonga so much. Do you have one?